Mega Computers Articles

Election Promises To Go Before Cabinet Soon: Gillard

LABOR'S Julia Gillard has pledged rapid action in both of her mega-portfolios, education and workplace relations.

Customers Byte Back

Just how many bytes are there in a megabyte? That is what's at stake in a US class action between users and makers of hard disks. It's a war between what kilo, mega and giga mean in the decimal system (thousand, million and billion) versus the binary system computers use, more

Why The Mega-rich Are Made Of More Than Money

The Outsider's Edge: The Making of Self-Made Billionaires is published by John Wiley & Sons Australia. The lives of 17 self-made billionaires share some strikingly similar early experiences. And, according to Brent Taylor, it is their childhoods that gave them the outsider's edge.

Mighty Mouse Will Continue To Roar

Personal computers will disappear in the future, with all information stored on the internet and accessed via a plug in the wall. But we will still need the humble mouse to make sense of it all.

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

John de Mol is regarded as the father of reality TV; his biggest creation, Big Brother, this month returns for its seventh Australian series. John van Tiggelen visits the publicity-shy Dutchman to see how he's faring in his quest to concoct the next global mega-hit.